Doctor Who: Episode 12 is Closing Time

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Well, the Daily Star were correct this time! Episode 12 of Doctor Who’s sixth series is indeed called Closing Time.

The confirmation comes via a BBC America press release that lists the episode air dates for the States.

  • Let’s Kill Hitler,” written by Steven Moffat, premieres Saturday, August 27, 9:00pm ET/PT
  • Night Terrors,” written by Mark Gatiss, premieres Saturday, September 3, 9:00pm ET/PT
  • The Girl Who Waited,” written by Tom MacRae, premieres Saturday, September 10, 9:00pm ET/PT
  • The God Complex,” written by Toby Whithouse, premieres Saturday, September 17, 9:00pm ET/PT
  • Closing Time,” written by Gareth Roberts, premieres Saturday, September 24, 9:00pm ET/PT
  • Title TBD, written by Steven Moffat, premieres Saturday, October 1, 9:00pm ET/PT

So does that mean the Star were also right on episode 13. Can it really be called The Wedding?