Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Spoilers

Tuesday saw the UK press screening of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol and, as you might expect, lots of new plot details have been revealed from the many reviews and write-ups. We’ve collected some of the more interesting ones below. Note that some of these are big spoilers, so read ahead at your own risk!

Last warning!

  • Amy and Rory are in their honeymoon suite on a space liner when it starts to crash.
  • The pair emerge from the suite with their police and centurion outfits (ahem).
  • Amy and Rory’s scenes are a very small part of the story.
  • Arthur Darvill (Rory) is now in the opening credits.
  • Kazran (Michael Gambon) owns a device that controls the skies.
  • He is the only one that can save the lives of Amy, Rory and the 4000 odd people onboard the ship.
  • Kazran freezes townsfolk that owe him money. Abigail (Katherine Jenkins) is one of these.
  • The TARDIS takes a trip to the 1950’s.
  • The Doctor hangs with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.
  • Not to mention Albert Einstein and Santa.
  • The Doctor doesn’t just get engaged, he marries Marilyn Monroe!
  • Katherine Jenkins sings more than once.
  • Katherine Jenkins shares a kiss.
  • There is a sleigh ride with the shark.
  • Moffat already has a big idea for the Christmas 2011 special.