Doctor Who 3D Series (Update)

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Update: It has now been confirmed that this is an unofficial fan project unrelated to the BBC.

A voice over artist has seemingly confirmed the existence of a new 3D Doctor Who animation series.

Jay Britton first spoke about the series on twitter last Sunday when he revealed: “Hope to announce in the coming days that I’m going to be the voice of Dr Who’s assistant in a new 3D animation short series!”

Briton later announced: “Dr. Who gig confirmed! First episode out at the beginning of March, will post the link as soon as it’s available!”

And today he said: “First Dr. Who script has arrived!”

So does this series involve the Eleventh Doctor as Amy and Rory are not companions? Will they be webisodes like Dreamland or something else? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Thanks to Ruther.