Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Teasers

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Here are Doctor Who TV’s first 10 teasers for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

  1. It’s purely a popcorn episode. A fun romp, but it probably won’t last long in the memory for most
  2. Dinosaurs appear within the first 5 minutes and get a fair amount of screentime, but they don’t dominate the episode
  3. Opening line: “Bye then. Lovely meeting you. Sorry about the mess”
  4. The Doctor picks up the Ponds 10 months after he last saw them
  5. Other eras visited include 1334BC, 2367 AD, 1902AD, in that order
  6. Rory gets a kiss… from the Doctor
  7. The Doctor’s newfound anonymity is touched on once again
  8. “We’re on an ***. A ******** ***”
  9. The Doctor does something that totally goes against his usual principles
  10. It’s almost completely standalone, but there’s some subtle foreshadowing with the Ponds

We’ll have some more later in the week…