Day of the Moon Teasers

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Doctor Who TV contributor Tom is back with 15 tasty teasers for the conclusion of the Series 6 opener, Day of the Moon. Enjoy!

Spoilerphobes may wish to stop reading here.

  • The Doctor gets told to put up some shelves
  • We only went to the Moon because of the Silence
  • The Doctor is fond of River’s dark side
  • Two of the main characters get shot
  • Nixon does not agree with who Canton wants to marry
  • Should there be a part left over from the rocket?
  • Could the Silence have destroyed themselves?
  • Where does Amy go?
  • Just who is Amy declaring feelings for?
  • A cloaked TARDIS, again?
  • The Silence are angry…
  • The Doctor is a big flirt!
  • Amy is not pregnant?
  • Only one question really gets answered
  • Another regeneration scene…