Davies Wanted More Ex-Companions

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Russell T Davies has explained that Jo Grant wasn’t the only companion he wanted to bring back in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Death of the Doctor.

“[Jo Grant] wasn’t always there – the idea of the Doctor came first. But the more we explored the idea of seeing his funeral – his real, genuine, proper funeral, come the day he dies – then it just seemed odd that no one from his past came along”, he says in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

“Believe me, if we’d have had the budget, I’d have packed the halls with every single ex-companion, I’d have even found a way to pluck Romana out of E-Space!”

Davies also suggested another appearance by the Doctor is unlikely in Series 5: “It’ll have to be different next year, you’ve got to keep moving on. I wonder…Maybe it’s time we really did The Two Ranis.”

Death of the Doctor airs Monday at 5.15pm on the CBBC channel.