Davies Hasn’t Ruled Out Who Return

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Russell T Davies has said he has no current plans to write another episode of Doctor Who, but he hasn’t ruled it out either.

“Steven [Moffat] is lovely enough to offer me the chance to write it [again] every year,” Davies explained to On The Box. “I love the show but they don’t need me now. It’s its own show. I don’t sit there thinking, ‘There’s a gap I could fill’. I’d be mad to rule it out, but there’s no sign of that happening currently, because everyone moves on.”

Asked if he feels Doctor Who has got more complicated since he left he said: “It has and that’s Steven’s form of writing. It’s more complex, more interlinked and that’s Steven’s mind. He’s got a mind like a steel trap! That’s the way he works, so it’s wonderful to watch. There are puzzles from episode 1 that won’t play out until Christmas and I think that’s fantastic.”

He also gave his thoughts again on Captain Jack reuniting with the Doctor: “I think Steven would love it to happen, but it feels like Jack’s place has been taken by River Song in many ways. If you want a swashbuckling, sexy, cheeky and outrageous character, there’s River Song. I’d love to see those two together though. I’d rather see Jack and River, then Jack and the Doctor.”