Davies Chats Torchwood: The New World

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Collider has a lengthy new interview with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner on Torchwood: The New World. There’s little in the way of new story details, but here are some of the more interesting bits.

With Captain Jack left in such a dark place at the end of Children of Earth, how much will that affect him now? Has he recovered from what he went through?

DAVIES: Yeah. He’s a man who’s lived for thousands of years, and he’s seen the beginning and the end of the universe. We will deal with it properly, sensibly and intelligently, but at the same time, the most important thing is to move on, as you would want for any of your friends. If your friend had suffered through a terrible time, you don’t want to be the friend who sits there and says, “Tell us about your terrible time, all over again.” Move on, look up, start a new relationship, and look towards the horizon and the dawn. There will be a lot of that with Jack as well.

How much time will have passed?

DAVIES: Torchwood will have been off-air for two years, so I think it will feel like two years have passed. The script isn’t that specific about it, but I think that two-year gap feels right.

How are the events of Season 3 affecting the writing of Season 4? Does it feel like you have a new canvas to write on?

DAVIES: It does. Children of Earth left things almost formatless. They had no base, no authority and no mission, a lot of the time, except to survive. I thought that was very successful, and that is very much the template of the new Torchwood. They’re not working for the government. They’re not working for the police. They’re very much underground and trying to survive. They’ve taken extreme actions. They have friends, they have enemies and they have betrayals. I love that. What you saw in Children of Earth is the format now.

Do you know what sort of additions you’re looking to make to the cast?

DAVIES: We’ve got one script and very concrete storylines, so we know there are new regulars, new occasional guest stars and relatives of those characters. It’s all laid out, but we’re keeping it a secret. We’re keeping it close to our chests.

Being such a fan favorite for so many people, do you have any plans to ever bring James Marsters [Captain John Hart] back to the show?

DAVIES: We love him! It could happen, but I’d have to say it’s not going to happen. I don’t want to raise any false hopes of people expecting that lovely man back on our screen. He’s so in-demand, he’ll be back in someone’s screen, any day now. He’s simply not in this story, but we love him.

You can check out the rest here.