The Silence vs the Daleks

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Could the Silence become the ultimate Doctor Who monster and knock the Daleks off the top spot? Matt Smith thinks so.

“If I’d seen them when I watched TV as a boy, I’d have had to peep through my fingers. They are going to become as iconic as the Doctor’s most enduring foes, the Daleks, and even more dangerous and harder to exterminate,” says Smith.

Smith also added this intriguing bit: “They are pretty repulsive, but it’s their history that will really chill people. They could turn up anywhere and everywhere, and they’ve been undermining and controlling us for thousands of years but we don’t realise it. And yet, here they are — for the very first time — made flesh in front of our eyes.”

Steven Moffat added: “Humans will have been subconsciously aware of The Silence for many centuries and that awareness will have manifested itself in paintings such as The Scream.”