Dalek Story Details for Series 8?

dwm-dalek-cover-2014NOTE: The following may contain spoilers, they may just be rumours. Read at your own discretion!

It has been rumoured for a while now that Peter Capaldi will face the Daleks early on in Series 8, specifically the second episode written by Phil Ford.

The latest teaser trailer seemingly added a lot of weight to their return with that oh-so-familiar voice (which we’re led to believe is voice regular Nicholas Briggs).

Now, according to the latest rumours, the 75-minute opener, Deep Breath, will be followed by a regular 45-minute episode entitled Into the Dalek.

The rumoured story, which fits the title, is that the Doctor and Clara will actually venture inside a Dalek! Think The Invisible Enemy but with a Dalek host ‘body’.

Bring as much salt as you feel necessary, but stranger things have happened.