Cybermen back in Doctor Who Series 6?

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A rumour has resurfaced that the Cybermen will be back in Series 6 of Doctor Who.

They will return in the spring finale (episode 7), according to the Daily Star.

While stories from the Star can usually be taken with a pinch of salt, there is perhaps more to this than meets the eye.

Another rumour late last year suggested that the Cybermen were being given a makeover for a Series 6 episode. Apparently the redesign was more in line with their late 1960’s Doctor Who appearances.

The story apparently sees the Doctor and company arrive in Egypt where they encounter the cyber menace again.

As ever, with rumours you can take or leave them, and we’ll find out in due course if there is any truth to all this.

And, yes, while Piers Wenger did say there would be no classic monsters this year, it’s not unheard of for producers to lie to preserve show secrets.