Cracks in Time

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Victory of the Daleks spoilers

The crack in Victory of the Daleks

So another episode, another mysterious crack. From the far future and now into the past. This sighting, like in The Beast Below, was so obvious you could hardly miss it. At the end of Victory of the Daleks, The TARDIS dematerialises and there it was on the wall behind where it stood. So do the cracks only appear when the Doctor leaves or were they there all along? The way it was shown this time almost gave the impression that the Doctor, Amy or even the TARDIS could be the ones causing them.

All the sightings so far

There was another more interesting story development this week. Why can’t Amy remember the Daleks? Here’s the dialogue from the episode.

Amy: What would I know about the Daleks?
Doctor: Everything. They invaded your world remember. The planets in the sky, you don’t forget that.
Doctor: Amy, tell me you remember the Daleks?
Amy: No, sorry.
Doctor: That’s not possible…

And then at the end of the episode, The Doctor tells Amy just before the TARDIS dematerialises.

“There’s something else. Something we’ve forgotten, or rather you have. You didn’t know them Amy. You’ve never seen them before and you should have done. You should…”

A possible theory is that Amy isn’t actually from the present day earth, so the Dalek invasion in The Stolen Earth wouldn’t have happened to her yet. This could be collaborated in The Eleventh Hour in the scene which shows Rory’s badge as being issued in 1990. Now how can that be right? If the episode was set in present day, Rory would have been issued this pass when he was a toddler!

So could Amy actually be from the early 1990’s? There’s one problem of course. The technology used in the episode (laptops, Blackberry etc) are too advanced for that time period. Unless, something ‘timey wimey’ is going on. Like, say, a crack in the universe perhaps causing unexpected technological advances…

Interestingly Steven Moffat said it was a ‘misprint’ when quizzed in a recent video interview (around the 6 minute mark). Now usually we’d be prepared to take his word, but the whole thing is a little suspicious. You’d think that an ‘error’ that gets screen time like this would easily be picked up by the production team. And is Moffat really going to reveal what could be a huge piece of puzzle this early? No. He’s a very clever man, and notice in the same interview how he never answers the actual question of what time Amy is from…

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