Cowboy hats are cool?

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We all know fezzes are cool, but what about cowboy hats? In the pic above, you can see Matt Smith wearing a cowboy hat with his regular Doctor costume. It is believed that the Doctor wears it for a scene in the opening two-part story of Series 6! Move over fez? This was caught during the Doctor Who Utah shoot by set spy Chris Cornwall.

Another scene involving Karen Gillan is described below.

Karen got to do a scene where she ran along the road (twice!). Then they brought in the vintage Jeep Cherokee with two men in black suits. They did a couple shots of the vehicle zooming up and down the road (right past us after they got over a little hill), then closed the road for several takes of Karen running again, this time away from the road on a short path toward the trailers, and the Cherokee and a Jeep Wrangler zooming up behind her, skidding to a stop, and the MIBs getting out with guns drawn. In one take, it looked like Karen was stopping short, as if she was about to run of the edge of a cliff before she caught herself.

Also notice the marks on Amy’s arms in the pic above. They look the same as the ones River Song had in these set photos…

Do the men in black chasing Amy have something to do with the Alliance of Shades?

Here’s footage of some of the scenes (thanks again Chris Cornwall).

One other scene not caught apparently involved an astronaut in NASA gear climbing out of the lake. Apollo 10 and a half?