James Corden Series 7 Companion?

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James Corden has told Doctor Who producers he wants to become a regular on Doctor Who.

Corden played the character Craig in The Lodger last year and he is set to reprise the role again in Series 6 this Autumn.

But producer Marcus Wilson explained that Corden wants more: “James Corden wants to be a regular! What’s lovely about ‘Doctor Who’ is that people want to guest star in it. We set out the story commissions for [Series 6] and we knew that we wanted to do a sequel to ‘The Lodger’.

“James said, ‘Tell me when, I’ll be there.’ We thought that his episode would be a one-off, but it did so well that everyone was keen to do another. Now he’s pitching for us to do a trilogy.”

Wilson also suggested Matt Smith has a long future on the show.

“Matt Smith’s role as The Doctor could go on and on,” he said. “He makes the show a great environment to work in. He turns up with a lot of energy, welcomes the guest cast and is ready to work.

“Matt and co-star Karen Gillan have a sweet brother-sister relationship. You cut the camera and immediately they’re dancing to some tune that they’re singing. They both love it. Matt especially is very keen to continue in the role.”

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