Corden back in The Lodger 2 (Update)

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Update: The BBC have confirmed James Corden will be back as Craig Owens.

Is a sequel story to The Lodger in the works?

According to What’s On TV, actor and comedian James Corden will be returning to Doctor Who and will guest star in episode 12 of Series 6.

Corden, of course, played Craig in The Lodger from Series 5. So the natural assumption is that we might see a follow-up story to that.

Given that we’ve already had a glimpse of what looks like the Timeship console room from The Lodger in the Series 6 trailer, it doesn’t seem a stretch that Craig will be back to fill in some of the blanks in the mystery.

Gareth Roberts, who wrote The Lodger, is confirmed to be writing a story this year and a apparently one of the lines from his script is: “I work in a shop, now.”

Very intriguing…