Colin Baker: It Wounds Me When My Doctor is Lowest Rated

baker-capaldi-doctorsColin Baker has spoke out about his Doctor often being lowest ranked when compared to the others.

Speaking in the new DWM (#489) he said: “I know there are some people who rate my Doctor quite highly. It’s just there’s an even greater number of people who don’t rate him at all. And it wounds me. I should be able to rise above it, and pretend I don’t care, but I actually do care.”

Baker also spoke about how he feels about Peter Capaldi exploring familiar ground with the Doctor role: “I wish people could have understood it in the 1980s as much as they do now.”

“[Capaldi’s Doctor] is grumpy and curmudgeonly and intolerant, and gosh – I should be playing it now. I wasn’t old enough when I did it. I can do intolerant!”

He adds: “It was drawn to my attention before I noticed it myself, but a lot of people said, ‘Peter Capaldi is just like your Doctor’. I don’t mean to diminish his performance, because I think he’s superb, and he might be appalled to think he was anything like me, and I would quite respect that. But there are certainly similarities of attitude.”

He adds: “[Capaldi’s] costume is less annoying! I love his style, and I love his character – and it’s kind of like mine. Every six, they get it right!”