Coleman’s Intriguing Hints on Clara Mystery

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clara-oswin-oswald-gravestone-snowmenJenna-Louise Coleman has dropped some intriguing hints on the ongoing Clara mystery.

First she revealed that it is more than just a coincidence that Victorian Clara’s birthday is the same date in November that Doctor Who first aired (as shown on her gravestone in The Snowmen).

Coleman told TV Guide: “In the Christmas episode, I didn’t know why that was the case. But again, we will find out by the end of this series. But it’s really exciting — [the season finale] is phenomenal.  My spine was tingling when I read it. Again, I’m teasing your so badly here, but there’s the beginning opening sequence, which [is]  kind of building up into the 50th. It’s just huge.”

Jenna also revealed that the TARDIS not allowing Clara entry in The Rings of Akhaten will be addressed: “The TARDIS and Clara have a relationship. Actually I don’t think we’ve talked about this in interviews before. It’s something that’s running through the series.

“Instead of it being like, “Does so-and-so like Clara?” The TARDIS and Clara have a bit of a face-off. So, the Doctor is obviously bringing back somebody new. I think we’ve done a whole additional content scene of me talking to the TARDIS, and the TARDIS is making fun of Clara. They kind of have an argument. They’ve got a relationship individual to the Doctor where they have a dialogue.”