Coleman’s Future on Doctor Who

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series-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-(39)Jenna-Louise Coleman’s long-term future on Doctor Who is a bit of a mystery. However, a report in the Evening Standard suggests she’ll be around for a while yet.

The site claims during an interview with Coleman that: “Jenna-Louise’s multiple Clara Oswin Oswalds have been confirmed for the 2013 Christmas special and series eight.”

Adding: “She has just found out that this year she will have a three-month break from filming Doctor Who when Matt Smith goes to America to star in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How to Catch a Monster and was immediately on the phone to her agent, keen to start setting up meetings to find something to fill the slot.”

Coleman herself speaks about her Who audition: “I didn’t really know anything about Doctor Who but Steven really liked that. It meant that when I went into the audition with Matt Smith I could be more spontaneous because I didn’t know him as the Doctor. And the plot seemed to evolve from audition to audition, with more scenes being written, and characters being introduced. There were times when I thought they had no idea what they wanted.”

She also confirms she’ll be at the 2013 Comic Con: “I am going to Comic-Con this year. Matt told me that last year someone dressed as a TARDIS was sitting in the front row of the audience.”