Coleman: “I’m not Oswin”

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The latest issue of the Radio Times dated 8–14 December has dedicated another cover to Doctor Who for The Snowmen.

Inside, Jenna-Louise Coleman once again speaks about the Oswin/Clara mystery. She states: “The connection is that it’s me playing both. I’m not Oswin: I’m a different person who looks and sounds like Oswin.”

Which is potentially more revealing than her response the other day. Surely there’s more to it? The quote is open to some interpretation, after all.

Matt Smith also talks about how the Doctor will feel about his new companion: “I think he is quite lonely and removed from the universe and not really as engaged as he was. Handily, he meets a jaunty new companion.

Adding: “What’s interesting with a new companion is that it changes the way he is and affects his personality. I think, in one way or another, the Doctor is always attracted to his companion and he’s certainly taken by this striking young lady.”

The new issue of the Radio Times is out now.