Coleman: 50th “Changes everything”

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the name of the doctor promo batch b (1)Jenna Coleman has claimed that the 50th anniversary special will push Doctor Who in a very different direction and change everything.

Discussing whether there is just one Clara now, she told IGN: “Well I suppose it’s open. That’s what’s really interesting. Because like I say, we’ve done the 50th which is, though it does lead-off the end of last season, is kind of self-contained in a way. So it’s kind of a blank canvas in a way. But the 50th leaves the whole show going in a very different direction. It’s kind of a transformational episode for the show.”

Elaborating further: “It changes things. It changes everything. Really. So we’re kind of on this blank canvas. I don’t know where Steven [Moffat] is going to take it. I don’t know who the Doctor is going to be yet. I don’t know what our relationship is going to be. You know it’s completely open, but in theory it could be a new Clara for the new Doctor even. You know a Clara could pop-up at any time in theory. I don’t know if they will or not. It’s definitely something that’s been set-up, though.”

Asked if it’s possible Clara could go back and explore John Hurt’s story: “I mean, it is, but I feel like I’m totally steering you in the wrong direction because John Hurt’s in for the 50th and that’s all [Laughs]. But in theory it is. Because I think the theory is that Clara has been shattered into infinite pieces. She’s in every single timeline, kind of chasing these Doctors all around. She must be exhausted the poor girl, she must be running all of the time.”

Responding to how she thinks fans are going to react to a big change in the mythology: “Good. Because I think what’s incredible about it is that after 50 years you can do that with a show like this. And I think that’s why it’s gone for 50 years. You can change the Doctor, and you can change the companions. One thing that Matt said is that you’re not bound by logic in the show, so you can change something. You can change something dramatically and it keeps the show kind of barreling forward. You know because if it was just the same thing over and over again…But it’s not, and that’s what keeps it going, I think.”