Cold War Teasers

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Here are Doctor Who TV’s first set of hints and teasers for Cold War. More coming soon.

  • литраж
  • Opening line – “Prepare to launch nuclear weapons”
  • He’s behind you Doctor!
  • “It’s an Ice Warrior, a native of the planet Mars… And we go way back”
  • враждебный
  • The voice may be deeper but there’s still hissessssss
  • система
  • This Ice Warrior has gained a few new tricks
  • 5000 years
  • действие
  • The episode Dalek springs to mind a lot and there’s a very similar scene
  • “It’s got out!”
  • “I’ve never seen one do this before”
  • “Xpo’u ju cf npsf wvmofsbcmf?”