Classic Monsters Returning in Series 7

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Doctor Who producer Marcus Wilson has revealed that some classic monsters will be returning in Series 7.

“We’ve got a couple of returning monsters, some old fan favourites, but we’re going to move them on a bit,” Wilson says in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. “‘That’s how they were done in the 60s or 70s. Here’s what we can do with them now.’

“Kids these days are really good at spotting bad CGI or prosthetics, so we can’t do anything substandard. One flick of the remote and you go from Doctor Who to Harry Potter. We’ve got to compete at that level, on a hundredth of the budget.”

Wilson also spoke about the Daleks multicoloured misstep: “I don’t think any of us would say that the multicoloured Daleks quite worked, but you’ve got to try new things. If you just repeat and repeat the show is in danger of stagnating.”

So, which classic monsters do you think will return next year?