Christmas TV Trailer Mini-Breakdown

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This is a short breakdown of the latest trailer for The Doctor The Widow and The Wardrobe. As many of the clips were already in the Children in Need one and we have already analysed that in greater detail, we’re just looking at what’s new here.

The very definition of a winter wonderland. This is in fact the alien planet the Doctor and the Arwell family are transported to.

We see the blue present is glowing. This is the Doctor’s gift to the Arwell family – a portal to another world.

Cyril (Maurice Cole) is being called to by a whispering voice. He enters the box…

 …and is transported to the snowy forest.

We see a clip of the Lancaster that Reg (Alexander Armstrong) is flying. Early on is the story, Reg goes missing and is presumed dead.

Hard to say what the Doctor has spotted here. He doesn’t seem to be in the forest, but rather inside.

Madge sees a bright light from the sky and walks towards it.

Steven Moffat’s been watching too much Star Wars again. Joking aside, this looks like the ship Droxil (Bill Bailey) and crew arrive in.

The spaceship we previously saw in the prequel, the one the Doctor ends up blowing up.

The interesting thing is that it’s followed by another ship here.

And there’s the Doctor’s handy work again. Is the prequel actually part of the episode as well, or just incorporated into the trailer?