Christmas Special Monster Revealed?

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Pic: Ryan Farrell

The Doctor has faced killer Santa robots and Christmas trees in past festive specials, so what’s next? How about evil snowmen…

Filming at Insole Court in Cardiff yesterday night revealed scary looking snowmen being used in scenes (sadly only an incomplete, disassembled one was pictured).

We all know Steven Moffat isn’t exactly adverse to turning ordinary things into monsters, so this doesn’t seem like much of a stretch!

In related Xmas special news, Bristol residents have been alerted to imminent filming taking place at Corn Street in the City Centre on Monday 20th August between 9pm – 5am.

A letter sent out confirms the exact time period the episode will be set:

BBC Doctor Who are looking to transform Corn Street and some other parts of Bristol into Victorian London streets and will be dressing the whole area to appear as though it is 1890s London. We will be using a series of special effects, snow and horse and carts to help us along the way. The scene we are filming in Bristol will feature in the show’s Christmas Special which will transmit this December on Christmas Day.