Children in Need 09 Preview Details

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It’s 36 days until Christmas and your next Doctor Who fix, but you don’t have to wait that long. This year’s Children in Need will host an exclusive three minute preview of the Christmas special.

Russell T Davies said in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, “Last year, the pre-titles sequence from The Next Doctor was perfect for a preview, but that’s not the case with this year’s Christmas episode. The pre-titles is very different, and chilling, introducing huge and mysterious swathes of plot, but it wouldn’t really work as a stand-alone scene. This will become obvious, when you eventually see it!”

Davies continued, “Instead we’ve taken scenes 4 and 5, which come immediately after the opening titles, and packaged them into a clip. And rather good it looks too! For many viewers, the scene will appear to follow on almost immediately from The Waters of Mars, which gives it even more immediacy, it’s also a chance to see David Tennant in a brand new variation of his costume!”

Children In Need 2009 begins at 7pm this Friday on BBC1. The Doctor who clip is expected to air between 8pm and 8.30pm (time subject to change).