Children in Need 2011 Mini Hints

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Doctor Who’s Twitter has confirmed that this year’s Children in Need mini-episode starring Matt Smith will begin filming tomorrow (Wednesday).

They dropped some further hints throughout the day:

  • “Work on Doctor Who for Children in Need continues apace! Production team locked in meetings organising everything from cameramen to costume”
  • “Great to see people reading the CiN mini-script for the first time. They read a bit. Pause. Smile. Look up and usually start laughing”
  • “‘Really? Wow!’ is another common response…”
  • “Great news! Richard Senior, who directed the brilliant Let’s Kill Hitler is onboard and will be directing”
  • “No crop circles or pre-war Berlin in this one, though. (Unless the ad-libbing reaches record and frankly extraordinary levels)”
  • “Let the sirens blare! The Doctor Who team are scrambling and the short CiN section will be shot tomorrow. We’ll update you as it happens…”

The official website also announced the first promo pic for the 2011 Christmas special will be released later in the week.

Children in Need 2011 begins Friday 18th November at 7.30pm on BBC One. According to the Radio Times listing, the Doctor Who segment will be shown sometime between 8pm-8.30pm.