Characters Possibly Returning in Series 7

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Let’s take a closer look at the characters that may return in Doctor Who Series 7.

River Song

No surprises to begin with. River being the most obvious candidate for another appearance. Steven Moffat loves writing the character and there are still a number of moments in her timeline that we haven’t seen yet. Her return was teased at the Christmas special press screening and Alex Kingston recently hinted at filming.

Madame Vastra & Jenny

Madame Vastra and Jenny proved to be a very popular pair when they made their first appearance in A Good Man Goes to War. Moffat said he even had an idea for a spin-off show and may revisit them in Doctor Who.

Craig Owens

Will Craig and the Doctor team up for a third adventure in Series 7? It seems very likely. James Corden said he has already discussed another appearance and will do it provided he can fit it into his filming schedule this year.

Canton Delaware

Canton was a character considered important enough to witness the Doctor’s death, despite only having a short on-screen history with the Doctor. In an interview, Mark Sheppard touched on this point and hinted that we may be seeing more of Canton.

Captain Jack

Barrowman has been very vocal lately about wanting to come back to Doctor Who. Moffat said Jack would likely have appeared in A Good Man Goes to War but Barrowman was too busy filming Miracle Day at the time. With no Torchwood for the foreseeable future, Barrowman has time to make another appearance in Doctor Who. Just imagine the possibilities if Jack and River got the chance to meet.

Madame de Pompadour

Reinette is only on this list due to some recent teasing and possible hint dropping from Moffat and Sophia Myles. It’s possible the Doctor could return to see the character again before she died, however, it would take away from her final scenes somewhat.

The Master

As the Doctor’s archenemy, the Master is a character that will inevitably return at some point in the near future. John Simm was enthusiastic about reprising the role when asked about it recently. However, while a Series 7 appearance is certainly possible, perhaps Moffat will save such a big character for the 50th anniversary.


Kovarian was killed in an aborted timeline, so presumably, she is still out there and won’t be pleased to learn the Doctor is still alive after the lengths she went through to kill him. It would be nice to get some backstory on the character and learn more on why she hated the Doctor so much.

Let us know who you would like to see in the comments.