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Introducing The Day of the Doctor

UPDATE: Smith, Tennant, Hurt, Coleman, Piper and Moffat introduce the episode. Continue reading

Moffat: Axe Doctor Who at your peril

Moffat calls out "the outright stupidity and unforgiveable blindness of the BBC" for 80's axe. Continue reading

Rory Kinnear Denies Doctor Who Rumours

"It's a programme I've never watched." Continue reading

50th Anniversary Trailer is Fake (But Awesome)

50th anniversary trailer is a fake, but it's an incredibly well done one. Continue reading

Today’s 12th Doctor Candidates are…

Julian Rhind-Tutt, Burn Gorman, Emun Elliott and Richard Coyle. Continue reading

Rory Kinnear Offered 12th Doctor?

Telegraph claim producers are "waiting to hear" from Bond actor Rory Kinnear. Continue reading

Alex Kingston on Matt’s Departure & 12th Doctor Rumours

Alex Kingston talks about Matt Smith's departure and female Doctor rumours. Continue reading

The Name of the Doctor: Radio Trailer

Hear the radio trailer for the Series 7 finale. Continue reading

Watch “The Bells of Saint John” Title Sequence

See the tweaked intro sequence. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes on The Bells of Saint John

A behind-the-scenes video looking at The Bells of Saint John. Continue reading

Series 7 Part 2 Daybreak Preview

Matt and Jenna discuss Series 7 Part 2 and the 50th anniversary. Continue reading

Doctor Who Insider: Meet Jenna

Video: Behind the scenes look at Clara. Continue reading

Series 7 Part 2 BBCA Launch Trailer Breakdown

Analysing the BBC America launch trailer for Series 7 Part 2. Continue reading

Series 7 Part 2 Launch Trailer Breakdown

Analysing the latest launch trailer for Series 7 Part 2. Continue reading

Watch the New Series 7 Part 2 Trailers!

Watch the incredible new trailers now! Continue reading