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Deep Breath Screenings & Spoilers: Pros & Cons

Guest contributor Chris Taylor looks at the pros and cons of early public screenings. Continue reading

2014′s Christmas Special Director

Paul Wilmshurst to helm this year's festive special. Continue reading

Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 8: The Emerald Isle

Mark McCullough and guest contributor Tayla Fonseca take us over the rainbow. Continue reading

The Future of Clara Oswald

Guest contributor Ruth Long on what Series 8 might hold in store for Clara. Continue reading

World Tour Live Stream: Seoul Q&A

Watch Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman live from Seoul, South Korea. Continue reading

Moffat Would Do ‘Wholock’

But Moffat says the rest of the Sherlock team are being 'killjoys'. Continue reading

Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 7: Finland

Guest contributor Martin Backman looks at what Doctor Who means to Finland. Continue reading

Moffat on Why the Master Won’t Be Back

"I think the story is sort of done. " Continue reading

Deep Breath Standalone DVD & Blu-Ray

Own it from 8th September. Continue reading

Deep Breath Synopsis

The official story synopsis for the Series 8 opener. Continue reading

Capaldi Signed Up For Doctor Who Series 9?

Report claims Capaldi will be back for another full series next year. Continue reading

12 Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Deep Breath

How does Peter Capaldi's debut shape-up? (Spoiler-free) Continue reading

Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 6: New Zealand

Guest contributor Nathan Hall invites the Whoniverse for some “fush and chups”. Continue reading

No 10th Anniversary Special For New Who?

Steven Moffat says nothing is planned, but he might be lying. Continue reading

BBC News Series 8 Preview Featuring New Dalek Clips

Watch a Capaldi interview featuring short clips from the 2nd episode. Continue reading