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Weird and Wonderful

Awesome Art, Day of the Doctor Lego, Trailers, Titles, Who Tunes & more. Continue reading

Bring Back… Sky Smith

Guest contributor Eddie SC Thomas thinks the Sarah Jane Adventures character should return. Continue reading

Doctor Who’s Biggest Deus Ex Machina

Guest contributor Stewart McDonald on why the Sonic has become the deus ex machina of Who. Continue reading

Cybermen Invade London (Again!)

The Cybermen invade London once more for filming. Continue reading

Will There Be a 10th Anniversary Special for the Revival?

Guest contributor Aidan Gula wonders if there will be a special to mark the 10th anniversary of New Who in 2015. Continue reading

Barrowman on Jack’s Future, Capaldi Critics

"Critics who sit behind their keyboards and say 'Capaldi's not going to be good...' Shut up!" Continue reading

The Importance of Doctor Who’s Theme Tunes

Guest contributor George Brooks looks into an often overlooked element of the show. Continue reading

Series 8 World Tour: Deep Breath London Screening

Details for the London part of the World Tour with a screening and Q&A of the opener. Continue reading

BBC Updates on Series 8 Leaks & Thanks Fans for Help

BBC thanks fans for helping to contain the recent leaks. Continue reading

Are Longer Stories Better? Five Classics

Guest contributor Tom Fitz looks at some of the longest stories in the show's history. Continue reading

McGann: Charles Dance Would Be a Great Master

"He'd bring great gravitas and old fashioned charm." Continue reading

How Far Into Darkness will the 12th Doctor Take Us?

Guest contributor Matthew Rube wonders just how dark Capaldi will be after the latest trailer. Continue reading

First 12th Doctor Novels Detailed

UPDATE: Artwork added for the first three New Series Adventures novels featuring the 12th Doctor. Continue reading

Series 8 Launch Trailer Breakdown

An in-depth look at the latest trailer for Series 8. Continue reading

An Audience with Capaldi & Coleman, Seoul World Tour Updates

Further details on the world tour to promote Series 8 this August. Continue reading