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Series 8 Filming: A Merry Day

UPDATED: Spoilerphobes read at your own risk. Continue reading

The Life and Times of Peter Capaldi (So far)

Guest Contributor Connor Johnston takes a look at the life of the stranger we will soon get to know very well. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Peter Capaldi!

The 12th Doctor is 56 today. Continue reading

Weird and Wonderful

Doctor meets Indiana Jones, Who on Horror, Fan tributes & trailers, Who Tunes and more. Continue reading

The Fifth Doctor: Five Favourites

Gustaff Behr and Tomas Edwards pick out five favourites from Peter Davison's era. Continue reading

Smith: The best storytelling was in Series 5

"It was the one I connected with most." Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Peter Davison!

The Fifth Doctor actor is 63 today. Continue reading

Beyond the TV Series: Audio Arcs

Gustaff Behr continues his guide to the Big Finish audios. Continue reading

Cumberbatch Rules Out Doctor Who Role

“I'm never gonna play the Doctor." Continue reading

Unpopular Opinion: Asylum of the Daleks

Guest contributor Daniel Massey gives an alternate viewpoint on the Series 7 opener. Continue reading

Lady Christina de Souza: The Companion Who Never Was

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull looks back on the Planet of the Dead character. Continue reading

How Could Capaldi’s Doctor Develop?

Guest contributor Dan Steadman explores some scenarios. Continue reading

Ben Miller Cast as Villain in Series 8

Appearing in Mark Gatiss' episode. Continue reading

Sciencey Wiencey: The Weeping Angels – Quantum Locking

Guest contributor Caleb Howells investigates more Who science. Continue reading

Vote The Day of the Doctor for BAFTA TV Award

An Adventure in Space and Time also up for Best Single Drama. Continue reading