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Next Time: Time Heist

UPDATE: TV teaser added. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 8 UK Ratings Accumulator

UPDATE: Listen AI figure added. Continue reading

12 Great Moments From Listen

Mark and Connor pick out twelve faves from the 4th episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Nick Frost Cast in Christmas Special?

The Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz star guest appearing in this year's festive special? Continue reading

Listen – 12 Hints & Teasers

12 hours left, 12 teasers. Continue reading

The Crawling Terror Review

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull gives his verdict on Mike Tucker's 12th Doctor novel. Continue reading

Is Capaldi’s Accent Causing Issues?

Report claims overseas viewers are struggling to understand Capaldi's Scottish accent. Continue reading

Listen Clip

Watch a preview clip from the fourth episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Listen Spoiler-Free Review

Doctor Who TV's verdict on Saturday's episode. Continue reading

The Worlds of Doctor Who Review

Guest contributor Nick Ferrazza reviews Big Finish's 15th anniversary special. Continue reading

2nd Opinion: Robot of Sherwood

David Selby and John Hussey both give their own verdict on the 3rd episode. Continue reading

Taking a ‘Journey’ Into the Future: The Next Companion

Connor Johnston proposes a choice for the next companion. Continue reading

Robot of Sherwood Review

Clint Hassell gives his verdict on the third episode of Series 8. Continue reading

A Surprise Ending for Clara?

UPDATE: "There’s a surprise we’ve got coming, it’s much better that nobody knows which way it’s going to go." Continue reading

Listen Promo Pics

Official promo pics from episode 4. Continue reading