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Open Discussion: Is There More to Clara Than We Think?

And why has Moffat given her character such a degree of apparent narrative authority? Continue reading

DWM: Things will never be the same again after Kill the Moon

"I've never seen the Doctor do something like this before..." Continue reading

Tantalising Details on Episodes 5-8 of Series 8

New details on Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon and Mummy on the Orient Express. Continue reading

The Caretaker BBC Synopsis

UPDATE: Premiere time slot confirmed for 8.30pm to 9.15pm. Continue reading

2nd Opinion: Listen

David Selby and Connor Johnston both give their own verdict on the 4th episode. Continue reading

Making Sense of Listen’s Gallifreyan Gallivant

Connor Johnston examines the divisive scene from “Listen” in a new light before offering a theory. Continue reading

Listen Review

Clint Hassell gives his verdict on the fourth episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Time Heist Promo Pics

Official promo pics for episode 5. Continue reading

Your Verdict on Robot of Sherwood

Poll Results: Episode Rating and the Mark Gatiss Episode Face-Off. Continue reading

Why The Decline in Overnight Ratings Doesn’t Matter

Guest contributor Will Atkinson explains why no one should panic. Continue reading

DWM #478: Dark Side of the Moon

The cover for upcoming issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Continue reading

Next Time: Time Heist

UPDATE: TV teaser added. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 8 UK Ratings Accumulator

UPDATE: Listen AI figure added. Continue reading

12 Great Moments From Listen

Mark and Connor pick out twelve faves from the 4th episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Nick Frost Cast in Christmas Special?

The Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz star guest appearing in this year's festive special? Continue reading