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Doctor Who

Doctor Who Extra: Flatline

Go behind the scenes on Series 8, episode 9. Continue reading

Flatline – 12 Hints & Teasers

Doctor Who TV's cryptic hints and teasers for the 9th episode of Series 8. Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ or ‘Clara Who?’

Connor Johnston addresses claims regarding Clara’s “overly significant” role on the show. Continue reading

The Complete Eighth Series DVD Extras

Extras and updated artwork for the DVD and Blu-Ray boxset of Series 8. Continue reading

Anderson on Series 8 Finale, Danny Future

"By the end of the season, Moffat has kind of immortalised Danny Pink." Continue reading

Flatline Clip

UPDATED: 2nd preview clip for 9th episode of Series 8. Continue reading

The Girl Who Painted: Artistic Themes in Doctor Who

Guest contributor Paddy Brennan looks at how Doctor Who is influenced by art. Continue reading

Details on Episodes 9-12 of Series 8

New details on Flatline, In the Forest of the Night, and the finale. Continue reading

Dark Water Official Synopsis

The official BBC synopsis for the 11th episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Flatline Advance Review

Doctor Who TV's pre-air verdict on Saturday's episode. Continue reading

Piper Praises Capaldi, Unsure on Another Return

"I think at some point I have to put the lid on it. I’ve been back, like, four times..." Continue reading

2nd Opinion: Mummy on the Orient Express

David Selby and John Hussey both give their own verdict on the 8th episode. Continue reading

Who Tunes: Ranking the Lyrical Songs of Doctor Who

Connor Johnston ranks his top 10. How will Foxes’ hit weigh up? Continue reading

Your Verdict on Kill the Moon & Episode Ranking

Last week's episode rating and rank. Continue reading

Capaldi vs Coleman in 2015 NTAs

Capaldi faces his co-star in NTA longlist. Continue reading