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Doctor Who

Dark Water – Hints & Teasers (Set #1)

Doctor Who TV’s first set of cryptic hints and teasers for Dark Water. Continue reading

The Trouble with Story Arcs

Guest contributor Harry O’Driscoll takes a look at the flip side of story arcs. Continue reading

The Invisible Enemy: Are the Unseen Monsters the Scariest?

Guest contributor Ari Schneider-Gans explores five examples. Continue reading

Introduction to Dark Water

Capaldi and Moffat introduce the first part of the Series 8 finale. Continue reading

The Dangers of Heaven

David Selby speculates on the impact the afterlife finale revelations could have. Continue reading

Face-Off: New Writer Debuts

Vote for the best new writer debut from 2010-2014. Continue reading

Questions, Questions: The Unsolved Clara Mystery (Part 2)

Guest contributor Ruth Long concludes her investigation. Continue reading

BBC Confirms Hour Long Series 8 Finale

The BBC confirms the 12th and final episode of Series 8 will be an hour long. Continue reading

Dark Water Advance Preview

Doctor Who TV's pre-air verdict on Saturday's episode. Continue reading

Pulling the Strings: The Unsolved Clara Mystery (Part 1)

Guest contributor Ruth Long begins her investigation. Continue reading

2nd Opinion: In the Forest of the Night

David Selby and John Hussey both give their own verdict on the 10th episode. Continue reading

The Day / Time of the Doctor Soundtrack

A double CD release will be out in November featuring music from both Day and Time of the Doctor. Continue reading

Dark Water Clip

Watch a new clip for the finale. Continue reading

The Eleventh Doctor: Top Moments

Guest contributor Luke Gwalchmai picks out five great moments from Matt Smith's era. Continue reading

Dark Water TV Trailer Breakdown

Connor Johnson takes an in-depth look at the latest finale trailer and promo pics. Continue reading