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Doctor Who

A Study of Pink: Danny Speculation

Guest contributor Luke Gwalchmai on Danny's introduction and what might be in store. Continue reading

12 Great Moments From Into the Dalek

Mark McCullough picks out twelve faves from the second episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Deep Breath UK Ratings

UPDATE: The final figure for the episode is 9.17 million. Continue reading

Into the Dalek UK Ratings

The overnight ratings for the second episode. Continue reading

Next Time: Robot of Sherwood

Sneak peek at the third episode of Series 8, written by Mark Gatiss. Continue reading

Rate & Discuss Into the Dalek

Rate and discuss Series 8, episode 2 (Episode spoilers permitted). Continue reading

Doctor Who Extra: Into the Dalek

Watch the latest behind-the-scenes show on episode 2. Continue reading

Into The Dalek: A Recipe for Success

Guest contributor Francis Milan serves up the ingredients for a Dalektable episode. Continue reading

Into the Dalek – 12 Hints & Teasers

12 hours left, 12 teasers. Continue reading

Into the (Mind of the) Dalek

David Selby takes a trip into the most dangerous place in the universe. Continue reading

Listen BBC Synopsis

The official story synopsis for the fourth episode of Series 8. Continue reading

Into The Dalek Clips

UPDATE: New clip and introduction added. Continue reading

Examining Series 8′s New Title Sequence

Guest contributor Andrew Gledhill-Carr analyses the new title sequence. Continue reading

Into the Dalek Spoiler-Free Review

Doctor Who TV's spoiler-free verdict on Saturday's episode. Continue reading

Face-Off: The Eleventh Hour vs Deep Breath

Vote for which was the better Doctor debut. Continue reading