Capaldi’s Doctor: A Wish List

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Guest contributor Sunil Bhatoy’s five hopes for Capaldi’s Doctor.

So Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor. He’s only had a small amount of screen time but using this, I’m going to try to describe what this Doctor could be like and my personal wish list. Before I start, I should point out that Capaldi has obviously already had his characteristics decided (The Moff will have played a big part in the decision) and this list is only a collection of ideas – not fact. With the BBC starting to film everything already, I doubt we are going to have to wait much longer before everyone can see a better glimpse of the Time Lord. So let’s take a look at what I want to see in the new Doctor.

A Dark Side

day-of-the-doctor-capaldiIf Matt was the man child, Capaldi should be the polar opposite. After his regeneration and during his scene in The Day of the Doctor, we saw something daring, something bold. Capaldi looked like a hunter, his anger aimed at anyone in his way. While the Doctor would never use a gun or hurt the innocent, he can still be angry. If you make the wrong move, this Doctor should hunt you down and turn you into dust. He could even start to show signs of the Valeyard, but if so, should keep it down to a minimum.

Similarities to the First Doctor

William-Hartnell-first-doctor-tardisA theory about his regeneration cycle is that his emotions are locked to each regeneration, and now the cycle is reset, he could go through all of his personalities again. This means that Capaldi would end up similar to the first Doctor. He could be grumpy and old like the first but maybe more energetic and lively. Hidden beneath the tough exterior could be a loving man with passion burning through his heart. It would be a clever use of the idea of the cycle being reset but it also means that the personalities of the Doctor would become predictable. This could end up making regeneration a little less exiting when we know how the Doctor will act.

Split Personality Disorder

nightmare-in-silver-pics-promo-(14)Now this is something new, a Doctor with not one but two sides. To have a Doctor with split/multiple personalities would spice up the show. This can also go well with the first point, one side of the Doctor could be gentle and calm while the other might not even be the Doctor at all! If the Valeyard started to show himself through the cracks of the Time Lord’s mind, the show could become more serious and the dark side of the Doctor would show. This is a hard thing to imagine, but it’s even less likely to happen as the show is intended to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. I don’t think kids would find it easy to understand why the hero of the show is constantly changing emotionally. It’s still an interesting idea though.

A Loving Person

capaldi-clara-time-regen-sceneSo the Doctor could be a nightmare for his enemies, what about his companions? This is where he can show his loving side. While there should be no making out with other companions (I think I’ve seen enough of that from the past few Doctors), I still think he can show his love for humans. I believe that when it comes to his companions, he should act as if he was a father taking his son out on a day trip. The companions are almost like his family and thus, I think we should see that. If a Dalek so much as looks at a companion, I want to see the Doctor go into a powerful rage and destroy the Dalek. Shouting at his companions because they won’t listen to his instructions is another way to show this love. Even if it hurts their feelings, the Time Lord is only trying to protect them from disaster.

A Sonic Cane

sonic-caneOk, this isn’t a personality trait but more of a costume design. The sonic cane is a larger version of the screwdriver but as a cane. This would make the Doctor appear much more mature. It would give him an older look but he can still move around like a madman at a fast pace, but with the cane the show would be much more relaxed. For the sake of the show, the screwdriver should also be able to detach from the cane itself, so the Doctor can sneak around with it when he needs to.


That’s my short wish list finished, but if you want more, I suggest this article by Martin Backman, or a two-part wish list by Mark Spurdle. Both are enjoyable to read. If you have any other ideas or simply want to explain why the sonic cane should not be included, go to the comments below. Now I’m off to hospital, I’m going to get the colour of my kidneys changed.