Capaldi: It’s the Doctor’s Duty to Find Gallifrey

gallifrey-planet-dayPeter Capaldi and Steven Moffat have given some interesting views on Gallifrey’s potential return, although of course they would not be drawn on whether we’ll see it return in Series 9!

Speaking to io9 Capaldi responded to how determined the Doctor is to find his homeworld: “I think he does absolutely want to find Gallifrey. It’s a duty. In some ways, the Doctor is quite an old-fashioned character. He does have a recognition of duties and loyalties, but these are things that are deep-set in him. I don’t think he’ll ever feel satisfied that Gallifrey is safe until he finds it. And of course, he is still riven with guilt about what he’s put Gallifrey through.”

Moffat was asked why the Doctor would even want to return with things not exactly ending on good terms with the High Council. He said: “It’s not all horrible is it. If we’re going to be all judged by the standards of our governments, we’re all screwed, aren’t we? There are loads of nice people on Gallifrey. What about the people who worked in the kitchens? What about the people that worked on the farms? They’re not responsible for that and the Doctor would know that.”

Moffat adds: “If the Doctor does ever find Gallifrey, some people are in for an arse-kicking. But he knows—he knows!—that it’s not people like us, the sad scum of the Earth, on Gallifrey, who are responsible for the terrible crimes of the High Council. And just remember that the High Council was always sort of terrible, even on the classic series.”

Michelle Gomez meanwhile says Missy absolutely knows where Gallifrey is (for real).

Capaldi also spoke about the Daleks and his belief that that the Doctor’s fight against them has only strengthened them: “I think that’s a hard thing to bear. That’s why he’s such a wonderful character. He doesn’t just defeat the aliens and move on to the next [enemy], and not worry about it. He carries the psychological scars of his battles with him.”