Bonneville Talks Pirate Plot

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Hugh Bonneville has revealed some more story details on this Saturday’s Doctor Who episode, The Curse of the Black Spot.

Bonneville, who plays Captain Avery, told the Express: “For various reasons, the Doctor’s Tardis has programmed itself to land on my ship. As a 17th-century pirate, I’m furious that this thing has arrived. We’re becalmed at sea and the Doctor comes and upsets our equilibrium. The Time Lord has to walk the plank and that’s the end of the Doctor. Or is it? As for the rest of the episode, I just swan around in the background with a pistol, looking a bit bemused.”

There are “dark themes” in this episode, together with some “roistering”, says Bonneville.

“The feeling I get about the whole story of this series is that it does address big universal themes, as well as being a roistering adventure along the way. The canvas is so broad and open that writers are queueing up to write for it. There is this overarching theme questioning mortality and identity and who we are in this universe.”