Bond, Doctor Bond

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roger-moore-bond-doctor-whoJames Bond actor Roger Moore has angled for a role in Doctor Who.

It all started on Twitter with writer Mark Gatiss who tweeted: “Isn’t Roger Moore wonderful in ‘The Man Who Haunted Himself’? I have such a soft spot for the film.”

Moore replied to Gatiss a few days later: “Thank you. I might be equally wonderful in Dr Who or Sherlock if asked!”

Gatiss concluded the exchange with: “My life is complete! Will be [in] touch.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Moore has shown interest in appearing on the show. Back in 2009 Moore spoke out after hearing Timothy Dalton had been cast in The End of Time.
He said at the time: “I believe Timothy is to appear in one of the new episodes, so if they ever want anyone to play his dad, I’m available.”