Billie Piper Interested in “Meta-Crisis” Tenth Doctor Story

Rose Tyler herself, Billie Piper, has expressed interest in a “Meta-crisis” Tenth Doctor spin-off story.

Piper explained to Doctor Who Magazine: “I would like to see a one-off dark comedy about Rose and the Doctor in the parallel universe.

“But instead of it being really sci-fi, it can have an element of sci-fi but it’s very much about their romantic relationship and what’s happened to them in the time since we’ve left them. Just them cohabiting; their normal environment.”

However, Piper did admit she wasn’t fond of being left with a “lesser” version of the 10th Doctor initially: “I hated that!”

She continues: “In the same way that when I watched Beauty and the Beast – the Disney cartoon – I hated it when the Beast turned into the man, I always wanted [the Doctor] to be the beast, and her be in love with the beast.

“I feel like this is the same sort of loss! Like, it’s kind of a good thing, but it’s not the same. He seemed like a lesser version, didn’t he?”

As longtime readers will remember, this isn’t actually the first time Piper has shown interest in such a project. So what are you still waiting for, BBC?