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Best of Matt Smith: Results (5-1)

Across February and March Doctor Who TV asked you to give your scores on every story of Matt Smith’s era. The votes are now in and the averages calculated so let’s conclude the countdown of what you voted the very best of the 11th Doctor.

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5. Vincent and the Doctor

Average score out of ten – 8.974


4. The Doctor’s Wife

Average score out of ten – 8.999


3. The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang

Average score out of ten – 9.164


2. The Eleventh Hour

Average score out of ten – 9.218


1. The Day of the Doctor

Average score out of ten – 9.570


Thanks for all your votes. Tomorrow we’ll be revealing how you rated each series overall.


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We all knoow the worst is Let's Kill Hitler, right?


Can't say I'm much of a fan of Matt's era, but here are my rankings:

1. A Christmas Carol- 9/10

2. The Snowmen- 9/10

3. The Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone- 8/10

4. Vincent And The Doctor- 8/10

5. Cold War- 7/10

6. Asylum Of The Daleks- 7/10

7. Amy's Choice- 7/10

8. Night Terrors- 7/10

9. The God Complex- 7/10

10. The Name Of The Doctor- 7/10

11. Hide- 6/10

12. The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood- 6/10

13. The Eleventh Hour- 6/10

14. The Vampires Of Venice- 6/10

15. The Angels Take Manhattan- 6/10

16. The Day Of The Doctor- 6/10 (Being generous there)

17. The Beast Below- 5/10

18. Victory Of The Daleks- 5/10

19. The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon- 5/10

20. Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS- 5/10

21. The Curse Of The Black Spot- 5/10

22. The Time Of The Doctor- 5/10

23. A Good Man Goes To War- 4/10

24. The Rings Of Akhaten- 4/10

25. The Girl Who Waited- 4/10

26. The Crimson Horror- 4/10

27. A Town Called Mercy- 4/10

28. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship- 4/10

29. The Wedding Of River Song- 4/10

30. The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People- 4/10

31. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang- 4/10

32. The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe- 4/10

33. The Doctor's Wife- 3/10

34. The Bells Of ST John- 3/10

35. The Power Of Three- 3/10

36. Nightmare In Silver- 3/10

37. Let's Kill Hitler- 3/10

38. The Lodger- 2/10

39. Closing Time- 2/10


1. Vincent and the doctor

2.The 11th Hour

3.The Doctors Wife

4.Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

5.Pandorica /Big Bang


I would have put "Day" out of the Top 20, and that's if I'm feeling generous. Rest of these are spot on


I would have put the Day of the Doctor a few lower, but thats it


All great I would probably have had the Impossible A in the place of Pandorica however. But agree with the other 4 well done all


Brilliant results except for The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang which I find a bit silly :)

Anthony Retondo
Anthony Retondo

Really love the results! Pandorica made the top 3, so I am a happy guy. 

Aztecs, Daleks and Cavemen
Aztecs, Daleks and Cavemen

Not bad. I'm surprised to see The Name of the Doctor that high. He would be my top ten:

    1. The Day of the Doctor

    2. The Snowmen

    3. Amy's Choice

    4. The God Complex

    5. Asylum of the Daleks

    6. The Eleventh Hour

    7. The Crimson Horror

    8. The Doctor's Wife

    9. The Girl Who Waited

    10. Cold War


Quite predictable that Day came out on top, but I'm happy all the same. My preferred list would have been:

1) Day of the Doctor

2) Vincent and the Doctor

3) The Doctor's Wife

4) The Eleventh Hour

5) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang



I thought the Crimson Horror was one of the best, as Let's Kill Hitler and others some people did not like as much as I did. Tastes and flavours differ I suppose. As a whole I was not disappointed by any of the Matt Smith episodes. I am only disappointed he has left.But of the 11isch Doctors he got the grandest sent-off. Katy

Diana van der Pluijm
Diana van der Pluijm

Doesn't surprise me to see Day at the top, which I still feel is an overrated episodes. Oh well. A list is a list is a list, nothing more. Moving on, and waiting for more news for the new season!


I mostly agree with this results, except I would've placed Vincent and the Doctor at the second place and the rest of the list moving down by one place. As for the results of the previous lists, I think JttCotT should've been in my top 10.


I agree that the Day of the Doctor is a special case and automatically tops any list (I loved it!) but, aside from that, I consider Eleventh Hour to be the real number one for Matt Smith.The odds were against his era being successful with the clean slate for cast/production trying to replace a popular favourite. But as soon as I saw Eleventh Hour - I knew they had succeeded and that this new Doctor would be brilliant!


Yep, I didn't agree with most of the past results but this is pretty much my top 5 (except mine includes Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS and maybe not TPO/TBB).


I don't totally agree with this but I think the above episodes deserve the spots. I definitely agree with the top three but I think that maybe the others could be in slightly different places.


The time has come: my list. Some controversial choices, but it lines up fairly well with the polls. (10/10):

1. The Day of the Doctor          

2. The Time of the Doctor          

3. The Name of the Doctor          

4. The Doctor's Wife          

5. The Eleventh Hour          

6. The God Complex


7. A Christmas Carol          

8. Vincent and the Doctor          

9. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang                    

10. The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon          

11. The Bells of Saint John          

12. Nightmare in Silver          

13. The Angels Take Manhattan          

14. Asylum of the Daleks          

15. Amy's Choice          

16. The Girl Who Waited          

17. A Town Called Mercy          


18. The Snowmen          

19. A Good Man Goes to War

20. The Rings of Akhaten          

21. Hide          

22. The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone          

23. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS          

24. The Lodger          


25. The Beast Below          

26. Cold War          

27. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship          

28. Night Terrors          

29. Let's Kill Hitler          

30. The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood          


31. The Wedding of River Song          

32. The Vampires of Venice          

33. Closing Time


34. The Power of Three          

35. The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People


36. The Curse of the Black Spot          

37. The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe          

38. The Crimson Horror          

39. Victory of the Daleks        

Each Overall Series (With Christmas Specials): 

1a. Series 7 (With Day and Time): 8.125 

True 1. Series 7 (Without Day and Time): 7.8571 

2. Series 5: 7.8182 

3. Series 6: 7.7272 

Some Random Thoughts: I love Matt's era, and am just glad to see so many of his episodes placed highly. I voted based on enjoyment and importance of each story to the overall plot of the season. It's sad to see so many of his great episodes, like Rings of Akhaten, be so low on my list. However, this only goes to show the quality of the series. Even the 4/10s are fun, enjoyable episodes; however, they are flawed. I will not forget one day of this, not one. I will always remember when the "Best of Matt Smith " polls were me (procrastinating at extremely dangerous amounts). 


All of the episodes according to my rating. First number is my ranking, the second number is the voted number. Only one was in the same place...

01/01. Day of the Doctor

02/05. Vincent and the Doctor

03/10. Asylum of the Daleks

04/30. The Rings of Akhaten

05/12. The Snowmen

06/04. The Doctor's Wife

07/31. The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

08/02. The Eleventh Hour

09/24. A Town Called Mercy

10/13. A Christmas Carol

11/20. Hide

12/18. The God Complex

13/06. The Name of the Doctor

14/25. Nightmare in Silver

15/19. The Bells of Saint John

16/03. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

17/22. The Crimson Horror

18/08. The Time of the Doctor

19/17. The Lodger

20/27. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

21/35. The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

22/33. The Power of Three

23/07. The Impossible Astronaut/ Day of the Moon

24/16. Amy's Choice

25/14. The Angels Take Manhattan

26/34. Vampires of Venice

27/15. The Girl Who Waited

28/32. The Beast Below

29/09. A Good Man Goes to War

30/26. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

31/21. The Wedding of River Song

32/23. Let's Kill Hitler

33/29. Cold War

34/39. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

35/37. Night Terrors

36/11. The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone

37/38. The Curse of the Black Spot

38/28. Closing Time

39/36. Victory of the Daleks


Anyone else find The Doctor’s Wife extremely overrated?


Day deserves the top spot and its nice to see Moffat's episodes high -- I think they deserve it. For the most part I agree with the list. I would have had The Doctor's Wife lower (which I found too slow and undeveloped -- it lacked a good villain) and The Girl Who Waited and Amy's Choice (both of which I've found "overrated" -- they didn't really capture my attention). I would have had Beast's Below and Crimson Horror higher because I found them enjoyable watches. 


It just goes to show how differently people view/rate episodes! Day of the Doctor was a predictable win, perhaps rightly so, although personally, I'd have rated Vincent and the Doctor at number 1, with Day a close second.

The one that really surprised me, both in terms of ranking and general appreciation/comments is The Doctors Wife. Mine is clearly an opinion in the minority, but one which I'm entitled to hold, and you are equally entitled to disagree with, so please don't shoot me down! For me, personally, it is, quite simply, one of the worst episodes of Doctor Who. Ever. It's not in the same pit of despair as Fear Her, or the abysmal Love and Monsters, but in my opinion it's terrible! Maybe it's the traditionalist in me, but the TARDIS coming to "life", and with such "attitude" just plain stinks!

I've nothing against Neil Gaiman.. I loved Neverwhere, but as a writer for Doctor a Who, he's terrible. Nightmare in Silver is a complete mess as well, in my humble opinion. Between Wife and Silver, there is way too much messing about with traditional Who for my liking, and Wife is the biggest offender of the lot.

Please bear in mind, this is my OPINION.. I fully respect that a lot of people liked Doctors Wife, and I don't think they are idiots for liking it, or anything like that.. I just don't shone to be one of 'em!


Well number one was obvious I suppose. But I count "The Eleventh Hour" as the true number one. The episode didn't have anything special going for it to help it and yet it's number 2. Truly deserved.


According to the imdb scores it would be: 39) Curse of the Black Spot/Victory of the Daleks 37)Night Terrors/Vampires of Venice/Rings of Akhaten 34) The Hungry Earth & Cold Blood/Cold War 32) The Rebel Flesh & The Almost People/The Crimson Horror/The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe/A Town Called Mercy 28) The Power of Three/Dinosaurs on a Spaceship/The Beast Below/Nightmare in Silver 24) Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 23) Closing Time/Hide 21) The God Complex/The Bells of St John 19) The Lodger 18) Amy's Choice 17) Lets Kill Hitler/The Time of the Doctor 15) The Girl Who Waited 14) A Christmas Carol/ The Snowmen 12) The Time of Angels & Flesh & Stone 11)The Wedding of River Song/The Eleventh Hour 9) The Impossible Astronaut & The Day of the Moon/Asylum of the Daleks 7) A Good Man Goes to War/The Angels Take Manhattan/The Doctor's Wife 4) The Big Bang & The Pandorica Opens 3) Vincent & the Doctor 2) The Name of the Doctor 1) Day of the Doctor


I am incredibly surprised (and very satisfied) to see "The Doctor's Wife" not at #1.

The Finn
The Finn

Can't really argue with this. I really like TDOTD.


I did, but I wasn't that happy


Yes, see below but I also appreciate that it is a fan favourite and a darling of the critics so I know that for most people it is a well rated episode. I feel the same way about The Day of the Doctor but I can also see that I am in a very very very tiny minority with that opinion!


@Unibot I mostly agree, I especially think that Amy's Choice was too high and The Crimson Horror was way too low (it really should have been in the top 10 in my opinion).


While nowhere near the worst of episodes for me, Wife is (for me I must stress) a middling episode whereas Nightmare is a completely nightmarish episode. Wife had as usual a great performance by Smith as well as guest Suranne Jones at the centre but was a lot of Gaimany tropes reassembled for Who topped with a dollop of Moffaty innuendo. House was an underused villain and Amy and Rory ran along a bunch of corridors for most of the episode. The visuals and music were gorgeous as well as the costumes but I found it another case of the bits being greater than the whole. The central concept was nice but didn't effectively translate (for me) as television. Nightmare was a complete mess from top to bottom and apoeared to be a stew created by too many cooks with different recipe books. Even Smith was very poor in this.

So, yes, there is a diversity of opinion but being a member of a very small and fairly exclusive club is fun. hey, my favourite New Who is Series 3 and I also don't think The Day of The Doctor is a masterpiece (but the 11th Hour is!). So there you go. Opinions, eh?

TheNightmareChild just got fitted for a loincloth
TheNightmareChild just got fitted for a loincloth

@MetalOllie  I think you'll find that most fans have at least one episode that they hate that everyone else loves.  As long as you have clear reasons why you hate it and can explain it, then I think most people will at least respect your opinion, even if they don't agree with it. :)


@Jimmio78  I'd probably agree more with this list. I would have The Lodger higher because it's one I like to watch again and again. 


@ThePotatoOne @MetalOllie Definitely, I think for me it's The Runaway Bride. It's very interesting how it also works the other way around - everyone has that one episode that they love and everyone else hates. One thing I love about our fandom is how diverse it is.


@ThePotatoOne @RomanaOnCaprica @MetalOllie I kind of agree with you on A Christmas Carol, I think it's way overrated. It was fine, but it was slow and didn't have much of a storyline - why everyone raves about it is beyond me.. And my underrated favourite is The Doctor's Daughter, I've never come across anyone else who actually enjoyed it but I love it!

TheNightmareChild just got fitted for a loincloth
TheNightmareChild just got fitted for a loincloth

@RomanaOnCaprica @ThePotatoOne @MetalOllie  I wasn't gonna bring it up, 'cause I feel like I've done it a lot already, but for me, the big one that everyone loves but that I despise is A Christmas Carol.  As for the reverse, I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure the third season finale is pretty universally hated; people go on about "Dobby the House Doctor" and people seem to be divided on Jon Simm, but I honestly loved it.