Best of 2010 Awards: Winners

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Last week we asked you to vote in our awards celebrating the very best of Doctor Who in 2010. Thousands voted and you can now see the winners in the video below.

A list of the final results:

  • Best Doctor: Matt Smith (53%)
  • Best Companion: Amy Pond (46%)
  • Best Story: The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang (37%)
  • Best Villain: The Master (60%)
  • Best Returning Monster: The Weeping Angels (67%)
  • Best New Monster: Prisoner Zero (36%)
  • Best Line: “I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool” (31%)
  • Best Twist: Wilf is the one who knocks 4 times (49%)
  • Best Tear Jerker: The Tenth Doctor regenerates (47%)
  • Best Game: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada (27%)
  • Best Music: I Am The Doctor (64%)

2010 – The year of the Fez!