“Best alien planet ever” for 2013

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new-cybermen-gaiman-filming-bSteven Moffat has teased the 2013 line-up and promised that the blockbuster-style episodes will back in full force.

He told Vulture: “We’re really pushing that very hard. It’s nearly killed us doing it. We’re convalescing. But wait until you see the range.

“We’ve got the best alien planet we’ve ever done. We’ve got a submarine. Seriously. There’s even a proper modern urban thriller in London.”

Neil Cross is behind the alien planet episode, while a submarine based story (written by Mark Gatiss) has been rumoured for a while. But now we have confirmation.

Moffat also talked about Neil Gaiman’s Cybermen episode and the reason why they needed a change.

He explained: “I wanted to make them creepier, and a bit more active. I thought we had gone as far as we could with the stumpy Cybermen. I wanted to do the colder, deadlier version and I was interested in Neil giving it a ghost-story feel. Neil’s a good ghost story writer.”

Moffat’s certainly been hyping things up lately. Let’s hope they live up to the claims.