BBCA Series 7 Trailer Breakdown

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The Doctor looks like he’s trying to impress the Ponds in a scene from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Contrary to some speculation, this is from The Eleventh Hour, rather than new material. However, this could tie-in with Matt Smith’s clue claiming there’s something we’ve all missed that links back to Amy’s departure.

Amy tears up in a scene from Asylum of the Daleks.

Another explosion in the TARDIS!

The TARDIS flies into the huge spaceship that is housing the dinosaurs in episode 2.

Doctor: “You just changed the future!”

Now we switch to scenes from episode 5, The Angels Take Manhattan featuring a certain River Song.

The Doctor seems pleased so could River have done something to save Amy and Rory? Also notice River’s gadget.

River: “It’s called marriage honey.”

River is also holding the book/diary of Melody Malone, a gangster who River poses as in 1930s New York.

River and the Doctor then get a nasty shock…

…It’s The Weeping Angels!

The Doctor tries to ward them off with his sonic screwdriver.

 “I’ve really missed this.”

The final couple of scenes are all from Asylum of the Daleks.

This is early on in the episode with the Doctor and his companions reunited.

“How much trouble are we in?”

“Out of 10? …11.”

And that’s the end of the new trailer. If you missed the first trailer breakdown see it here. And the second one here.