BBCA Series 7 Trailer Breakdown

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As promised we will now take a closer look at the latest BBC America trailer. This breakdown just concentrates on what’s new with the older scenes from the other trailers removed.

The trailer features clips from 4 of the 5 episodes from the first part with episode 4, The Power of Three, seemingly missing once again. We suspect this is because the episode is still incomplete (as Moffat pointed out in his production notes in DWM).

The trailer begins with narration from the Doctor: “This planet – these people are precious to me. And I will defend them to my last breath!”

Cut to scene from episode 2, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, with Amy and hunter Riddell (Rupert Graves) who appear to have fought off several raptors. Judging by the electric charge left on one of them, it’s some sort of stun gun.

“I’m the Doctor.”

This is from episode 2 again. The man laying down is the main villain of the story Solomon (David Bradley). As the synopsis revealed he will stop at nothing to keep hold of his precious, prehistoric cargo.

A new scene from Asylum of Daleks.

Doctor: “We could end this right now. We could save everyone!”

Some extended clips from A Town Called Mercy. The Doctor, ironically, seems to be completely lacking mercy as he forces alien doctor Kahler-Jex (Adrian Scarborough) out of the town. We know from the other trailers that he then holds Jex up at gunpoint. The dialogue seems to explain why. So it seems like the cyborg Reckoner wants Jex and the Doctor is giving him up.

Amy: “This is not how we roll, and you know it.”

Amy tells the Doctor straight. She doesn’t seem to like his change in personality.

It wouldn’t be a Doctor Who trailer without some running! The Doctor and co are trying to get away from the robots in episode 2, who are firing their lasers at them.

Doctor: “Get off this ship while you still can.”

The Doctor isn’t messing around, once again.

The person the Doctor is warning Solomon (David Bradley). We’d take his advice. It can only end badly otherwise.


Earth is launching rockets at what we assume is Soloman’s getaway ship.

The Doctor: “You’re thinking of stopping, aren’t you? You and Rory.”

Amy confesses: “The travelling is starting to feel like running away.”