BBCA Series 6 Part 2 Trailer Breakdown

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There isn’t too much new to analyse in BBC America’s latest trailer for the second half of Doctor Who’s sixth series. Most of the action consists of some key moments from either the first half of the series, or scenes we’ve seen already in the other trailers.

A scary looking moment from episode 9, Night Terrors.

Amy is concerned and asks, “Where is he?”

Based on their clothes, this is from Let’s Kill Hitler. Of course, it seems likely Amy is asking about the Doctor here. They are in the TARDIS, so could she be speaking to River or has someone else got in? The Doctor’s jacket is still hanging up…

The Doctor tells Craig, “I’m back!”

This is from episode 12 and you can see exactly how this funny scene plays out from the filming report here (spoilers).

A new shot of a Silent. It’s hard to pinpoint what episode this is from. We know they are back in episode 13.

This is arguably the most interesting scene of the trailer. Amy and Rory seem particularly worried by this robotic looking ‘device’. Again, based on the clothes the pair are wearing, this is from Let’s Kill Hitler. So could this be the Tessalecta, or something connected to it?