BBC Responds to 50th Complaints

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The BBC has responded to criticisms over the perceived lack of advertising for the 50th anniversary special.

The broadcaster moved to assure fans this weekend on the official Facebook page, writing:

We can assure you our 50th celebrations will in no way be muted -- we’ll have details soon but for now, trust us! You won’t miss our celebrations, promise.

Asked specifically about the 50th anniversary trailer on Twitter:

“Oh we’re going to give you so much more than a trailer… patience. It’s worth the wait -- we promise.”

The BBC also released a trailer for their upcoming drama line-up and although Doctor Who is missing, it features a glimpse of Peter Capaldi in The Musketeers. Capaldi plays the villainous Cardinal Richelieu in the latest adaptation, due in 2014.

The trailer also features David Tennant in The Escape Artist. And for Sherlock fans there’s a tease of Series 3.

Watch the BBC Original British Drama trailer: