BBC America Series 7 Airdate

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UPDATE: BBC America will premiere Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday, September 1, 9:00pm ET.

Original Story: Right now the big question still on everyone’s lips is: ‘When on earth is Doctor Who Series 7 airing’? Well we have another update.

Yesterday, BBC America aired a trailer and the end title card and voiceover revealed it was back September 8th. You can see the screencap above and the trailer itself here.

So that’s the end of that then? Maybe not. The uploader states that “Subsequent versions of this trailer shown throughout the remainder of the day reverted back to the generic “New Season: Coming This Fall” caption. Which leaves one to wonder: Did BBC America jump the gun on this one? Hmmm…”

Outside of this one trailer airing, BBC America have not announced a date anywhere else. Only stating that: “We’ll be announcing the broadcast date of this, the first episode of Season 7 later this week.”

The BBC1 schedule for the 1st September still has open slot(s) from 6.30pm until 8.20pm, so we can’t rule out the 1st just yet. We should know in the next couple of days.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]