BBC America Series 6 Trailer Breakdown

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So we’ve already analysed the UK trailer for Series 6, now it seems only right to take a look at BBC America’s one in better detail. For this breakdown we’ve left out a few of the scenes we’ve seen before to concentrate on what’s new.

The trailer opens with a few familiar clips from the UK trailer with the Doctor narrating: “Ever look in a mirror and think you’re seeing a whole other world? Well this time, it’s not an illusion.”

We see one of the clones (or the original) catching her breath from episode 5 and 6 – The Rebel Flesh and Gangers.

More familiar scenes of Utah and River saying “Hello Sweetie.”

Doctor: “We’re in the middle of the most powerful city, in the most powerful country on Earth…

“…Best take it slow.”

The TARDIS is inside the Oval Office and it seems to be cloaked.

It then decloaks to the surprise of group of men watching.

Guest star Mark Sheppard (left) as Canton Everet Delaware III.

Doctor: (in American accent) “Mr. President.”

This scene looks like it’s from episode 3 – The Doctor’s Wife.

The Doctor runs faster than he’s ever run. Maybe it’s time for him to stop? The surroundings look like it might be from episode 5 or 6.

More episode 1 scenes and River, the Doctor and Amy search a dark room for…

River: “It’s non-terrestrial. Definitely alien.”

The Impossible Astronaut is watching them from the shadows.

We then get some blink or you’ll miss them shots of a strange monster behind glass.

It looks like the minotaur-esque creature from the UK trailer to us. This would make these scenes from episode 11, The God Complex.

Whatever it is, it smashes through the glass.

Rory is shocked with whatever he has discovered. A clone from episode 5 lurks ominously in the background.

A lift begins to fall down a shaft…

…with Rory…

…and Amy trapped inside. Based on filming pictures this seems to be from episode 9 written by Mark Gatiss.

Hugh Bonneville leads his motley crew of pirates in episode 3.

Captain Avery: “No sign of a struggle. No bones or blood.”

Lily Cole as the enchanting siren.

ET phone home. This can only end badly.

The Doctor smashes a window. There seems to be pirate booty behind him so we’d say this is from episode 3.

We’re almost certain this is that ‘minotaur’ again from episode 11 by Toby Whithouse. It seems to like breaking things.

War games?

Canton: “How long have they been here?”

Doctor: “As long as there’s been something in the corner of your eye…

…creaking in your house…or voices through a wall.”

Quick cuts of those freaky broken clones again…

But now they’re normal…

Spoke too soon. Now they’re horrible again.

Amy seems to in a lot of distress here screaming “Noooo” whilst clutching her stomach. This corridor matches up with the one we saw the green-eyed Ood in the very first trailer. Is this the rumoured TARDIS corridor?

This pirate is probably shooting at the Siren.

We guess this is a cloning vat from episodes 5 and 6 where the clones are made.

River has her trademark gun again.

We’re sure this shot has been taken straight from The Pandorica Opens. The Maldovarium bar we saw in the UK trailer seemed lifeless by comparison.

The Doctor is trapped. And you should never ever put him in a trap. If you’re smart. Could this be where the Doctor is cloned?

Some of you will remember this scene from filming. Now with the magic of green screen, River is transported to New York.  She still has those tally marks on her arms.

Filming revealed that this scene plays out very similar to the opening of The Time of Angels, with River falling of the edge presumably to be saved by the Doctor again.

Doctor: “Whatever happens, however hard, however far…we will find you!”

Where is Amy going?

Where do they get their suits from?

A group of them. Are they in some sort of awakening?

Omission – The Doctor examining the green-eyed Ood from the 30 second cut of this trailer is missing.