Barrowman wants Doctor Who Musical

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Regardless of whether John Barrowman returns to Doctor Who again in the future, he has some pretty “interesting” ideas for the show.

At the 2012 Chicago Comic Con and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) he spoke about his desire to do a musical episode, or should that be ‘Whosical’.

“Whether there’s going to be a Doctor Who musical, I don’t know…I think we could go to a planet, a completely musical planet. It would be the gayest planet in the universe. It would be amazing!

“Or maybe there’s a Doctor Who stage show musical that we could do. We’ll have to see.”

And if that wasn’t enough “amazing” for one day, he also spoke about Jack potentially being the next Doctor.

“It could work. They could find out [Jack] has another heart and they could find out that he is a Time Lord.  I’m already writing the fan fiction in my head.”