Barrowman Talks Miracle Day & Who

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Digital Spy have a new video interview with John Barrowman. He talks about Torchwood Miracle Day and also Captain Jack’s possible return to Doctor Who. See it below.

They also posted 10 teasers from the first episode of Torchwood, The New World.

  • There’s a cheeky reference to a deceased former Torchwood member (and no, it’s not Ianto).
  • The chief villains from Torchwood: Children of Earth also get a mention, in a roundabout sort of way.
  • “The Founding Fathers had me in mind when they wrote the Constitution, don’t you think?”
  • At one point, Rex makes a less than graceful escape.
  • “She should have run faster.”
  • A certain drug familiar to Torchwood fans is utilised once again.
  • “First sign of trouble, you go running off with Captain Jack B*llocks.”
  • Wales is the British equivalent of New Jersey.
  • “I’ve got to *** for this ******?!”
  • After lurking in the shadows for a while, Captain Jack makes a suitably heroic return.